by The Red Door

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These songs are about people.


released October 29, 2013



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The Red Door Dallas, Texas

Working on a new ep.

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Track Name: Medicine
Well i caught you once again,
Stealing the air out of the room.
spending miles and time in circles.

All the morning when the sun comes out,
it never brought. Absolution.

So when was i sleeping?
How could i have missed it?

And i start to see the evidence of what you've become
But the truth is you never changed at all...

(Arguments and Debates,just your cycle of endless conversation that carries through my window and crawls into my ears at night you're blowing out candles in the dark.)

Once again, my mind's allowed to trick me,
ask me "when" and "where" I was.
Cause once we're hidden and locked away
Never afraid of what's outside the door.

Have we given it all up?
or just not, ever tried at all?

Your prescriptions won't fix you now,
what you need is the doctor of life.
The medicine won't work now,
What we need is the doctor of life.

Little eyes. be careful what you see.
Little ears, be careful what you hear.
Little hands, be careful what you do.
Little feet, be careful where you go.
Track Name: Balloons
Balloons held baskets beside the bed.
Growing up.
We talked so long ago, painted portraits.
Of everything in gold.
This town is painted with memories of you.
This town is painted with memories of you.

You're just a color in the black.
Too much time has gone by for the white.
And it's not everyday I beg you to stay.

We're only as good as what we think.
Action and motion are out of sync.
And I'm right when i say, you change the rules.

What we see is now longer, for what we think is so far.
What we see is now longer, for what we think is so far.